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Crafting the Perfect Beer For You in Kennesaw, Ga.

Brittany Thompson – For the AJC

Two Georgia natives and long time friends from Sequoyah High School followed their dream and passion for brewing great craft beer by opening up their own brewing company.

Trey Sinclair and Jordan Cooper, both Co-Founders of Dry County Brewing Company, share the same love for brewing craft beer. Sinclair, a graduate of UGA and Cooper, a graduate of GSU both cultivated their love for craft beer during their college years.

We both fell in love with craft beer and started home brewing in college when we could get together over the summers,” Cooper said.

Sinclair gives the credit to Athens Local Terrapin Beer Company for his obsessive love of beer, “Someone handed me a Terrapin Rye one night in downtown Athens and I was hooked,” Sinclair said. “I wanted to get as much of it as I could, so I began making my own recipes and brewed inside my college apartment.”  

After graduating from college in 2010 and Cooper in 2011, both long time friends moved back to the Atlanta area, making Kennesaw their home.

“When we graduated and moved back here to Kennesaw, we used home brewing as a way to keep all of our high school friends together,” Cooper said. “The brewery idea came about from us having some solid recipes crafted over the years coupled with us getting bored of the regular 9-5.”

“After much deliberation, we decided to make our run and go all in for the brewery dream,” Cooper said.


Founded in 2015, DCBC was in the works for opening up to the public and in September of 2016, the brewery was open up to the public for tours and tasting.

DCBC is a local brewery in Kennesaw, Ga that is partially named after Bullock County.

“Our name, Dry County, partially stems from my attendance at Georgia Southern where Bulloch County is, which is a dry county and then from discovering brewing before we could legally buy a pint,” Cooper said.

Open to Everyone

DCBC is family and pet-friendly. DCBC host’s different events that accommodate different niches and interest allowing people to enjoy each other’s company while sharing a common interest in beer.

Some of the fun events they hold are Poses and Pours, trivia nights, special gatherings for friends and family, and special dates to acknowledge public servants on their acts of service with discounted beer. Also, DCBC hires food trucks that are present every Saturday and for special gatherings.

Crafting Beer

DCBC Brewmaster, Steve Anderson, has been on the team since January of this year, previously working as a head brewer at Red Brick Brewing in Atlanta. “Anderson has improved all of our beer and continues to make the customers well pleased by making good beer,” Sinclair said.

“Coming from Red Brick, Steve brings years of brewing world-class, award-winning beers to Dry County and we couldn’t be happier to have him,” Cooper said.

The four beers that DCBC is known for are: Dry County IPA, Old 41, NoonDay Extra Pale Ale, and Namesake.  

DCBC just added a fourth beer which is in the larger family called, Lechuza.

“Lechuza is a Mexican style lager that will be taking the place of Namesake in our core brand lineup,” Cooper said.

Unique Naming Process

Each beer receives its name based on the local community.

Dry County IPA is their flagship beer, which allows the company to get their name out to the community.

NoonDay beer is named from Noonday Creek and Noonday Trail. “NoonDay XPA is a really refreshing beer to have if you were out at Noonday Creek and Noonday Trail,” Sinclair said.

“Old 41, is named after Highway Old 41 that runs through downtown Kennesaw,” Sinclair said.

Namesake is an old throwback beer that DCBC wanted to pay homage too. “Namesakes were the first beers brewed in America and were named after the brewery that brewed them or the cities in which they were brewed,” Cooper said.

Lechuza in English translates to ‘Owl,’ so it is our tongue-in-cheek nod to our neighbors at Kennesaw State University,” Cooper said.

Different Offerings.

“Cleverly called Dry County IPA, we noticed a trend of ‘How bitter can I make this’ or ‘what crazy flavors can I come up with’ going on throughout the industry,” Cooper said.Putting out a solid, truer to style India pale ale, DCBC IPA has a nice pine and citrus notes with a quick dry finish.”

“Roasty and dark are two great descriptors of Old 41,” Cooper said. “For a dark beer, Old 41 has a nice creamy profile that is lightened up with an oat body.”

“Noonday has the same approachability light color people have come to know from American Pale Ales but with a slightly higher hop profile of all citrus flavor,” Cooper said.

Namesake is a lighter beer. “It’s light enough for normal domestic drinkers and has enough hops and a malt profile for the established craft drinkers,” Cooper said.

“Lechuza is an excellent day drinker sitting at 4.8 percent that is really complimented with a lime on the rim,” Cooper said.

DCBC beer can be commonly found in Kennesaw restaurants that offer a quality craft beer lineup. The beer is currently offered exclusively on draft. Locals can enjoy a Dry County Beer at Taco Mac, World of Beer, The Nest, Marlow’s Tavern, Mellow Mushroom, Johnny’s Pizza in Downtown Kennesaw, Trackside and BurgerFi.

“People always like new tap beer, but the hard part is staying on tap,” Sinclair said.

Putting together the best brewery team and the best sells team remains a must. “The people in the brewery are second only to the quality of the beer itself,” Sinclair said.
Dry County Brewing Company: Current hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 2 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturdays. Located at 1500 Lockhart Dr NW, Kennesaw, GA. Find their page at

Insider Tips:

At Dry County Brewery, anyone that is military or is a student will receive 2 dollars off for the tastings, however, in order to receive 2 dollars off, you must show proof.

DCBC has remained on tap well over a year now at the local restaurants that promote their beer.


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Things We Should Do More Often

We only live one life, right? So if we know that why don’t we always strive to live our life to the very fullest?

Live outside the norm, engage outside of your comfort zones, jump into your car and drive somewhere without your GPS. Get lost in this beautiful world that we live in. It’s only our temporary home but why not enjoy the fun of it while we have it. Make the best of memories. Enjoy the thrill and rush of the unknown.

There are many things that we should do more often. Some may be the littlest thing but can mean a lot to you. We should be less concerned with the little bubble we dwell in every day and more concerned with being more in touch with the world around us. There is so much to be offered and so much to explore in this beautiful world.

Just changing something so little during your daily routine could make for something great! You will never know until you put action to it.

  1. Tell a friend about Jesus
  2. Get up early and watch the sunset
  3. Ask a random person for lunch
  4. Call your parents just to simply talk
  5. Pay for a random stranger’s coffee at the Starbuck’s drive-thru
  6. Have a conversation with a stranger
  7. Put the phone down. There is life outside of your technology device… Trust me
  8. Go see a movie by yourself. Embrace independence
  9. Say yes to something. Go. Stop worrying about everything else before life passes you by
  10. Take a random road trip without using a GPS
  11. Read a book
  12. Write a song, blog or story
  13. Buy flowers for someone
  14. Tell someone how much they mean to you
  15. Challenge yourself
  16. Run a 5K
  17. Avoid gossip by speaking highly of others
  18. Make a new friend
  19. Stop living in fear of the thinking of what others think of you
  20. Eat that cookie and ice cream. You deserve it!
  21. Go to a restaurant you’ve never been before
  22. Be optimistic
  23. Be open to others thoughts and ideas
  24. Go to a spa. Treat yourself
  25. Stop settling less than what you deserve
  26. Be comfortable in comforting others when they’re wrong or hurt you
  27. Share a smile
  28. Kiss your loved one more
  29. Worship the Lord our God and lay your burdens and struggles at His feet
  30. Release yourself from the baggage that keeps you from moving forward
  31. Forgive others who have hurt you in the past
  32. Use your social media for something good not just posting and looking
  33. Be more outgoing and full of life
  34. Pay your bills on time
  35. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  36. Volunteer for community service
  37. Let that person who’s trying to merge into your lane over. I know it’s hard. Just smile and wave
  38. Tell your professor thank you for teaching you. It means a lot to them, I’m sure
  39. Do something unexpected for a loved one
  40. Call that family member you haven’t talked to in awhile
  41. Have a picnic
  42. Dance in the rain
  43. Take more pictures. They are worth more than anything
  44. Cook a fine and dine meal
  45. Invite friends over for dinner
  46. Relax and be thankful for the ones around you
  47. Be a helping hand for one that is in need. Ex: Taking someone’s groceries to their car.
  48. Sing at the top of your lungs and laugh
  49. Go to a random free concert in your area
  50. Go to the zoo
  51. Go to a drive-in movie
  52.  Go night swimming
  53. Live every minute of your life and never take any second for granite. For these are the best days of our life.

Many others can be added but I am going to leave it there.

Whoever is reading this, I pray that you at least take action to do a few of these or maybe all of them. I pray that you continue to thank God for His many blessings that He has for us and appreciate Him in His doings. Maybe God will use you through one of these 52 ideas to be a light to others and build a better community around you.

Take a chance and go run with it!