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Your Unfinished Story

Why do we remember certain things, and yet forget the rest?

We carry around this unfinished story that is not meant to be dragged around. The words that cover multiple of pages that need to be ripped up and tossed away for good. These words we feed ourselves. Words that tear us up silently and constantly suffocating our thinking of ourselves. Belittling our sense of worth.

We aren’t good enough, pretty enough, likable enough, capable of doing what we are set to do. We get in the cycle of emotion where we constantly feed our mind these negative thoughts allowing it to take over our thinking, which in the end only ends up in a puddle of disaster.

Sometimes for me, I feel inadequate for certain things – I wish to be that smart women who has everything together, but (Does anyone really have it all together?) Someone who one looks up too. Someone who somebody is proud of. “I’m not saying I am neither one of these, but there are times where I do fall short of thinking better of myself.” And I am OK to say that because I know I am NOT alone. All these continuous thoughts that drown our mindset about ourselves are all filler lies from Satan himself. (Feeding off on our unhappiness.)

I know for me: I tend to get in moods where I can’t understand (Why?) (Why am I feeling this way about myself?) It’s not fun. I know we all have insecurities and face them everyday in our life, but the thief of comparison is a real-talk fighting word that will destroy the way you carry yourself and think about yourself.

So, rather than bundling up these inner thoughts, I am writing this down not only for me but for others as well to understand the importance of:

  1. Taking care of yourself: Meaning, treating yourself as worthy and precious
  2. Knowing what you offer: Your best attributes (Kind heart, understanding, forgivable, etc)
  3. Go to the Bible ( You are perfect and wonderfully made)
  4. Listening to your inner thoughts and breaking it down to the core of why you are feeling a certain way.
  5. Cling to peace and happiness rather than a (nasty attitude)
  6. Remind yourself that you are loved, cherished, and adored.
  7. Be confident in the works that God has created in you.


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Finding you –  A Forever Life with You.

There is nothing more beautiful than waking up and knowing that I’ve finally found the love of my life, one who I will grow old with, and one who I’ll need for the rest of my life. Although, neither one of us are perfect. We are perfect for each other.

It’s important to BE loved.

It’s important TO love. It’s important to feel safe.

It’s important to FEEL safe.

I believe with those things, it brings a sense of happiness to anyone.

The peace that comes to my heart sometimes can’t even be described.

It’s nice to finally have someone that gives you the friendship inside of a relationship. It’s nice to finally have someone who can finish off your sentences or make you laugh when you aren’t feeling your very best happy go-lucky self. It’s nice to have someone who gets you for you and is totally in love with it. 

It’s nice to finally have not just your partner in love, but your partner in life.  Someone you can turn to when life is trying to get the best of you. Someone to make decisions with. Someone who will always be there.

When you have someone who is willing to walk with you through both the good and the bad without leaving you, that’s when you know you have a special one. And with that right there, means everything to me!

So here’s to you,

I promise to always remember that neither one of us is perfect but we are made perfect for one another.

Every day I will choose you. I will choose you to be no one else but yourself.

Thank you for always loving me at times when it’s hard to!

You’re my ride or die. You’re my cheese to my cheese pizza (and you know I love pizza, so I had to through that in there.) 

I love you Alexander Prather! Thank you for being you.

Forever together my love. 💍💕 

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A Happy Tune

“If there’s only one thing you cling to tonight, I hope it’s this: There is no future in your past. I don’t know what ugly your past holds. I don’t know what pain your presence holds. But I do know that there is no future there. And you certainly aren’t defined by it.
Because of one powerful truth: is the gospel has the power to transform our self-understanding so that it is no longer based on our performance in life. It humbles us into the dust while simultaneously exalting us into the heavens, declaring our worth through trumpets and whispers alike.”

So please don’t give up. Please don’t throw in the towel. Please don’t define yourself by the failures you’ve faced, or the targets you’ve missed, or the shame you’ve buried away deep inside. You’re worth more than that. And you CAN do this. And even if you couldn’t, your inability doesn’t define you, anyway.  – Soul Script

It’s a wonderful feeling to know we are hugged by our Father every second of the day and to know He is always there. Some days we just need someone there, someone who will listen to us, someone who will pick us up when we are at our weakest and we get frustrated, frustrated at the world around us, frustrated at our loved ones, and even frustrated with our own selves. Come on! It’s those pity parties that we throw ourselves, it’s the thoughts that take over our delicate mind, it’s the hardness of ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves. Why do we beat ourselves up so much over the little things? We forget that we aren’t alone. It just amazes me how patient He is with us.  I know for me, I forget that and I forget that I am not alone. It’s easy to allow anxiety, stress, moodiness, and any other feeling that alters your mood cover up the seat where you know Jesus always is… however, he is not covered up, we may feel like it, we may feel angry, we may feel discouraged, and walk our way right into unnecessary sorrow for ourselves but cultivating a spirit-filled mindset and twisting that mindset to see the goodness quickly puts you back in-line.

Looking at the big picture. The thoughts that we may fill up in our head is only tiny matter compared to what God can fill. 

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Facing the Issue 

Comparing reality to your expectations is a real doozy at times. Any hands raised for those who may feel frustrated, angry, stressed and confused when doing so?  Or maybe get stressed out when nothing is going your way?

It’s crazy how one little mishap can cause so much misunderstanding and how one little annoyance can overshadow all the awesome things in life. We let the ugly stuff in life pile up and before we know it we are blinded to see the goodness. 

The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:6-7, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

It’s easy to get teared down by the weight of the world around us. It’s a constant battle between putting our faith in God vs placing emphasis on just what is at hand.

We expect more out of ourselves. We expect more out of others. (And that we should!)  but we shouldn’t allow it to stress us out completely. 

However – the underline problem is – we want this and we want that. Are we ever happy with what we have while working hard at what we want? Is it all just a rush? Our we true to ourselves? Are we true to others around us?

Self Check!!

Our frustration is almost always due to unmet expectations. Unmet expectation that we placed on ourselves and onto others. 

It’s crazy how the enemy can take a tiny sliver of frustration and turn it into a much bigger issue than needed be. Allowing the tearing down of our happiness and leaving us in a puddle of “frustration.” Frustration that is costing our special moments of being content and happy with what the Lord has blessed us with.

I love this life with my whole heart and while I believe we are called to shine for the glory of God, I’d rather be an honest example of His love and exemplify a truer testimony to others. 

We’re all a work in progress – we are NOT perfect and never will be. We need to realize that rather than acting like we are ‘perfect.’ People need to be more ‘real’ More real to themselves and more real to others around them, because being ‘real’ displays a true soul, a honest soul.

“synonyms of the word ‘SOUL’: embodiment, personification, incarnation, epitome, quintessence, essence; model, exemplification, exemplar, image, manifestation” 

Twisting it up a bit – Being a exemplar, to exemplify.  It’s sad being around people who enjoy tearing down loved ones and claim to rejoice in God’s word. I believe that’s a ‘soul’ issue.  How is that OK? It’s displays a nasty character who puts on the fake facade but it’s screams ‘hypocrite’ to the ones around them regarding their character. 

At times, it’s hard doing right. And yes! Being a Christian is hard! Yes I said it, it’s hard. Being obedient. Loving yourself for the way God has molded you to become. Doing right to others. Standing up for what you know is right. And being honest and loyal to those behind their back. 

Ephesians 4:29 “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

We aren’t always strong and we aren’t always going to do right, and sometimes we may find our self in a hole where we seem like we can’t crawl out of dwelling in frustration and often times find us in a situation where we know is wrong, such as judging, slander, pride, ect, all in which dishonering God. 

Maybe before sizing up your life or tearing down others, you ought to fix your eyes on your own love and life and pour all that energy you’re wasting into building it to be its own kind of beautiful. 

Messes – messages

Imperfections – improvements

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You broke me, but I’ve been swept up 

You peeled me back and now I’m forever exposed.

Knowing the demons you were dealing with, why me?

You hurt me, I mean really hurt me. But now, my hearts has been mended back together.

Your demons were tucked away from my naive self to realize. Was I just so blind to realize what I know I didn’t deserve? Did I just toss it and overlook it? I asked myself all these questions. What’s wrong with me? Why do I always get hurt and why can’t I receive the love that I deserve to receive. You were a temporary filler. I say now. It took you to realize I’m not settling for anything less than I know I deserve.

The beer you would drink constantly wasn’t enough for you, your snarly comments, continuingly making me feel guilty of raising an issue to you, the lies you would say to cover up your guilty conscience overshadowed all my concerns. The trust issues build up. A constant thing for me.

I settled. Point blank.

Was I not able to speak my mind without a tearing down response from you? It’s made me hard to open up and express my feelings to this day.

You put on a show for me, but not to others who loved me. Their advice was no good at the time, because I wanted a love so bad I was numb to know ‘you weren’t the one.’

Yeah, at that point in my life you meant a lot to me. As you should because I loved you! You taught me something. Something that I took away along way down the road while healing my broken heart. A man knows what he has when he has it. A coward will run away and hide all his scares and a treat a woman less than what she deserves.

I deserved to be treated like a princess. I deserved attention and respect. Like any lady should.

In life, we live and we learn through the many life lessons we encounter, and you were a life lesson I conquered.

Took awhile for me to stomach the fact of forgiving you… but when I did, I was as free as I was before meeting you.

Maybe you didn’t know the extent to the hurt you had caused because you didn’t take the time to care.

I loved you.. but was it just a one sided love? Maybe not. But we slowly withered away. Maybe it was something deep down I knew wasn’t going to work. Maybe it was for the thrill of it. Maybe I was starving to be loved and have someone give me attention. But I know one thing, because of you, I have counted my lucky stars, because it took you for me to realize what I didn’t deserve and realize what I do deserve.

Yeah the flowers, they meant something… something that was superficially a symbol of your sorrow and cover-ups for the hurt you have caused me along the way.

But I have to say, thank you. At the beginning to the end, I was full of anger, hatred, confusion, and sadness. I was speechless and profound by the lies and the temporary bruises you had placed on my beating heart. But I let it all go.

What a fool.

God had bigger plans for the both of us and I know He was looking out for me.

The time you let me slip through your fingers, I was driving 2 and a half hours North, pouring down rain and traffic was cluttered – bumper to bumper. Water was clouding up my eyes I could barely see. It was only God that I made it to Canton safe. Selfishly, I kept the hurt to myself. I didn’t want the sorrow affection from loved ones because I knew they would say, “You deserve better.” In the sense of knowing that, I still tucked that away. My heart was shattered what else could I say. I needed to vent, so that’s where my Aunt intervened. She was my saving Grace.

The stomach in knot felt overpowered my body when I received a phone call from my friend, Kelly Freis, who has been concerned after showing her a picture of us and quickly noticing a change in your appearance –  withering away and your sinking in face raised a concern. You had let drugs intervein in your life, actually, allowing it to take over your precious marriage and tossing the youngins away.

The truth came out thanks to my dear friend about your sick history of drugs and alcohol and how you chose that over your ex wife and kids.

Turning to a vice to cope with everything, I turned to someone who was not me. Yeah I’ve been through some ups and down and dabbled in the party scene – quickly to turn around to face the issue and the issue was ‘letting go.’ Simply, a let go moment and give it to God. Allowing God to steer my life (try) and giving it all to Him.

Our relationship isn’t something I regret. In fact, it taught me so many lessons.

I write this to express how thankful I am for the heartache you left me to rekindle. Because I never would have discovered true happiness if you hadn’t left me.

I wouldn’t have known what it really felt like to be appreciated or feel loved or even needed. Maybe you tried or maybe not, it doesn’t matter, but what matters is the fact, what I didn’t know then, I do know now. They always say, “In time, you will understand,” and boy do I understand.

I found the one. He is precious but far from perfect. He is kind. He is love. He is my forever home I run to and I dearly love him fully.

To you, I thank you for all you put me through because it’s made me who I am today. Both good and bad.


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Journey of Love

Every girl dreams about “the one.” The one to share laughs, worries, and cries with, one to grow old with. It’s the Prince Charming on the Disney movies that we watched when we were kids… “Still do!” We all want love, right? And maybe some fall in love with the wrong ones and quickly come to terms of knowing what they deserve and maybe, there are some who say they “love” and have somewhat of a desire to be with that person fully however, they are hesitant to put a label on themselves as “one” maybe because they are guarding themselves against past experiences, or simply struggling with the action of “love” and what it all entails. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Love is freely given, it’s not a golden gift or earned! We Love because He first loved us! It all goes back to God’s love for us! That precious love that He had shed on that cross!

Prior to meeting my one, I was working on myself. I was working on myself so I can be whole when I meet the right one. I was working on my relationship with my main man, God. I prayed for my future husband, that he may be strong and faithful in his walk with the Lord and also, that he will be a man who will take my hand and pray with me, who will encourage me when I get discouraged, who is not afraid to speak truth and correct me when I am wrong. ALL IN HIS TIMING, His love is forever faithful!

It’s so easy to feel discouraged when everyone else around you has found love, and yet, you have not. I’ve been there. I know it’s not fun… But in those times, that’s when God is working. Molding and growing you to be that spouse for your “one.”

I finally gave it to God. Laid it in His hands and trusted that His timing is ALWAYS perfect. Not anyone else’s, His alone!

I use to always get,  “You’re way too picky!” You darn right I was picky…. because I knew what I deserved and I was not backing down from that… and I see now why patience is the true virtue.

I sit here now writing this to say, wait for His timing! In His timing, He has blessed me with my one and only and that one and only is truly remarkable and get’s me the way no one else will!

I met Alex back in early September 2016 and we started dating on October 17, 2016. Since then, I fall more in love with him and have learned more about him every day. It’s a pure joy!  His heart, his gentle words, his intelligence, his witty jokes, his corny flirts, and overall his love for the Lord and his enduring love that he constantly shows towards me is something I am so blessed to call MINE!

I knew from the moment I met him that I was going to marry him! No way I was going to let him go.

These sweet eight months have been absolutely fabulous. No, it hasn’t been all glitz and glamor. Every relationship is a work in progress. It takes patience, prayer, and forgiveness. No one is perfect, we all are sinners and we all make mistakes. It’s been fabulous because I see God through our relationship, I see a pure love from my man and it’s not only through the words, it’s the actions. It’s the sweet moments when we connect on a deeper level, it’s the moments when we share laughs and cries and just hold each other in that moment. It’s the feeling of feeling at home in his embrace. It’s the act of knowing “everything is going to be OK.” It’s looking at him and knowing exactly what he is thinking. It’s the feeling of the anticipation to be back in his arms. It’s the look in his eyes when he sees me! It’s the kind of love every girl deserves to have and to feel! It’s the kind of love that was definitely worth the wait.

From the beginning of our relationship, we both have grown together with our walk with the Lord, because if it wasn’t for him, we would all squander. Stronger love for God, stronger love for each other!

Not only is he my one and only, he is my best friend, my person, and my heart.

As of June 10, 2017, I am now a fiance to my man. I am so utterly blessed for him and his constant love he has for me! Gosh, I love being loved by you baby!

I know everyone is different, but why wait when you know you have found the one?? I mean I can marry him tomorrow, that’s how sure I am of knowing he is the perfectly made one for me.


Besides of the excitement that comes with the wedding night, I look forward to coming home to you, I look forward to being a home with you, I look forward to hearing your voice every day, I look forward to spending every day with you, I look forward to a “good morning” or a “goodnight” in person, I look forward to praying with you, I look forward to going to church with you and coming back home with you, I look forward to growing with you, I look forward to movie nights, I look forward to sleepless nights, I look forward to acting like little kids with you,  I also look forward to the struggles that we will face with marriage.. that might sound a bit absurd, but I say that because it will only strengthen us as one.

I am so excited to share so many memories with you. I am so excited to laugh with you, to cry with you, to be mad, to explore, and to love you even more than I already do. I am excited to grow as a person and a couple together and to find new ways to be a better wife in your eyes.

With you Alex,

I am at home! I am safe! I can’t wait to make you mine forever!

When I feel my lowest, you bring out the best in me. When I am sad I can look to you and this big smile can suddenly appear on my face. You are the reason my bad days become beautiful.

I love the way I can be myself around you, my crazy, stupid, silly, emotional, hard-headed self. I love that you appreciate everything I have to give and love me for being me. I love that I can look at you and not want to look at any other man.

Thank you for sticking by my side when I freak out over little tiny things and telling me “calm down, it’s Ok.”

Thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world and a princess in your eyes.

I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you and sing horribly to you and know that you will look at me like I am the cutest person in the world. You say, “You can hit some notes..” HAHA! I love you.

I can’t promise you that I will be the perfect wife, but what I can promise you is to love you fully and be with you always through the good and bad. Always encourage, lead, and motivate you to be your better self. I promise to build faith. To trust. To hope and dream the craziest dreams with you.
Thank you for making me feel like your top priority Alex. It’s important to me. 🙂
I love you,
Your Fiance
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Molding Myself to Be More Like Him {Spiritual Rawness}

Valuable (Real Talk)

Isaiah 1:17

“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”

How do you spend your time in the word? 

Do you receive the spiritual high from a bible study and feel as if that’s enough?
Do you spend time here and there in the word when things are crazy in life?
Do you spend time whenever you feel like it? Whenever it’s convenient?
Do you spend time at all?
The sad part is… most of us have all the intentions to spend quality time in His word, and some of us create habit to do just that but some never do. We set aside time out of our schedule to purposely dig into the word. That high may last weeks or months. It’s like a spiritual high. You are on fire to learn more.

For some, the “digging in His word” becomes an involuntary thing, your priority is set to uphold the readings of His word. However, for others, it may be a struggle to find that time. If that is so, we are basically saying, “God, we have no time for you.”

However, relaying back to “having all the intentions to spend quality time with Him,” some never do. Is it because we are too lazy or do we put other matters before Him? I know for me, I can say both. Life gets in the way and the more and more I put it off it becomes easier to do. Sad!

How can we be a better advocate for Christ and not put our own time into studying His word? In order for us to grow in His footsteps we must take action in learning more about Him and His love.

Hypocrite, that’s what we are. We say we are infatuated with his Love

We say “I love you Lord”

We say “Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins”

We say “Amen”

We say all these things, but yet, how can we grow as Christian’s when we aren’t doing anything in order for us to grow?

Most of us are at a standstill in our relationship with Him. Some are struggling with trusting. Actually,  a majority of us are. That’s where control comes into play. Control is the thief of allowing our burdens, cares, and worries at His feet.

We have our own self desires that come into play with our: Relationships, Work, School, Play, Etc. but what if our desires allow a Godly take on what we say and what we do within those desires.

For Us

His love is rich

His love is strong

His love is free

His love is never-ending

Why is it we shield away from what we know is good for us? Is it a voluntary action that we do or do we allow Satan and other worldly matters stand in the way of what truly matters?

Spiritually naked, that’s how God sees us.

Jeremiah 17:10 says, “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”

He sees everything:

He sees our heart and the reasons why we do what we do.

He sees our worry

He sees our wadded up insecurities

He knows when we second guess our actions

What are the opportunities that we have in front of us that we constantly look away from?

To be a strong Christian, we must live wisely

As christians, are we constantly surrounded by non believers? YES. Constantly we come in contact.

Do we tell them the good news about Jesus, the news that allowed us to be forgiven and redeemed?

Seeking God and Speak Faithfully

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” – Genesis 2:18

I want to grow stronger to be the woman of God that I need to be.

For my boyfriend, future husband, better half. 

Grow stronger in:

Praying for him. Praying with him. Grow and prosper with him. Learn with him. Be a leader. Be a listener. Be understanding. Pray for Godly words. Be a team. Love. Be a Woman after Gods own heart.

For my Family.

Grow stronger in:

Faith. Choosing words wisely. Words that inspire. Praying for them. Encourage them. Grow. Being a stronger Christian daughter. Understanding.

We should all aim to be that strong advocate that displays Christ.

Be Christ-Centered
Be confident in Christ
Showing strength in standing up for what’s right and wrong
Be encouraging
Be nice
Be independent
Invest in that which last. Invest in those who you love.

Out of love rebuke those who are wrong. Encourage. Stay humble. Be aware of when pride sneaks in.  “Don’t think less of yourself but thank of yourself less.”

“Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the LORD. “These arc the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” – Isaiah 66:2

Live to please Him only. Serve the Lord and the works of His goodness.

Love God first and foremost!

His love is greater – our love for Him needs to be greater too.