His Love

Whenever you love someone, there’s usually a list of things why.
“I love you because of ___” Your confidence, your voice, your innocence. How you carry yourself. How you look in that black dress or that tuxedo or how you care for others.

However, at the bottom of that list; God always adds one more. I love you. “Just because” no specific reason, not based on the externals, and not even based on what we say or do.

He loves us, just because.

Because we all get old and gray at some point in our life. We all change over a lifetime.

The reasons why others love us changes over time.

God loves us when our souls turn ugly, when we are cowardly, when we do worldly things when we fail and stumble, or even when we lose our patience thru the drive thru.

He loves us when the black dress stops fitting. Our God is a God who stays when everyone leaves.

His love is free, reckless and last forever and for that, I am thankful I am a child of his.