Impressions Matter

We all heard the saying “Leave with a great impression” right?

First impressions remain and will always remain a huge factor- in workforce, job interviews, presenting yourself in public, school, internships, relationships, and the list goes on.

We are initially intrigued by ones look; however, some hold a strong appearance but a week approach.

Being said that, some are attractive but once one opens the mouth they turn ugly.

It’s only human nature to be automatically attracted to appearances – how one presents themselves and holds themselves. It’s a great quality to have. Because of that, it’s hard to say no. Because realistically the appearance is what we see first before the inward shows otherwise.

In the sense of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Do profile pictures matter anymore? Yes, they do – To me at least.

Profile pictures say a lot of a person, their hair color, eye color, whether they are feminine or masculine, well put together, expresses self-respect, etc.

I would like to think businesses seek out their future employees on social media, which holds a strong decision on whether or not they hire them. I say that in saying this, some people display their life on social media and sometimes as their profile pictures- such as an open beer bottle in hand or a drunken profile picture that one thinks is funny.

So I say yes, initially we are attracted to people based on their appearances, also, their profile picture.

First and Second Impressions Matter

Take a self-check