Have you ever thought to yourself… ”

What’s the best quality about me?” ”

What do I love about me?


Really think on this one. Maybe even think what makes you feel more confident – what makes you stand out from the rest?

I love to smile. I smile when I’m happy, excited, amused, nervous, and sometimes when I’m mad. I know that sounds cliche to say, but it’s the truth.
A smile acts as a mood enhancer, similar to the way serotonin acts as a mood hormone throughout the body.

A simple smile goes a long way.

A smile is a great characteristic that we as humans thrive on.

A smile can capture the human eye ways away and sometimes can have the similar effect on us, causing us to smile or smile bigger.


Is it a common facial expression you see around town now? No. Why is that? It goes back to technology today. People are too busy with their technology to even consider to share a smile.

People are always looking down at their new text message, the new Instagram post their friend post, and sometimes so deep into a conversation on the phone that they don’t realize people around them.

The sad part is, we are teaching the upbringing generation that that’s the norm and that it’s okay.

 So back to the question.
In relating to today’s generation, to see someone smile not only does it bring “Joy” to them but it brings “Joy” to those around.
It’s not like running a marathon.
It’s not hard to share a smile.
I challenge you to take a look around you and share a smile to those around you.

A smile has many health benefits for a healthy mind, lifestyle, and those you surround yourself with.

You’ll feel better about yourself: Emotionally and Physically

Longer life span

Bestow joy on the ones around you

Give a boost to how others perceive you

So SMILE and be a blessing.


  • What is your favorite quality of yourself and why? 
  • Does it impact others around you?
  • How so?